Tianjin China Explosion

aftermath2Tianjin China, August 12, 2015 at  approximately 23:35 local was a blast I will not soon forget, nor the world for that matter. This in my view was as close to a nuke that you will see.

The true cause of the multiple and massive explosions are still unknown as of August 25, 2015.

What’s amazing is the fact that this explosion occurred in a shipping yard with layers of storage containers. Some layers stacked at least six stories high. This did in fact protect the blast somewhat. Imagine the devastation and human casualties if those containers weren’t there to protect the blast and conceal it some.

The outcome sad grim as human casualties climb and the true numbers of those still missing unknown. Chemical fallout and long term health implications and complications will certainly add to the death toll as time passes. As well as economic fallout to follow.  Tianjin deaths have risen to 121, including 67 firefighters and seven policemen.poor-kids-tianjin

Economic devastation currently estimated at around $1.5 billion. Now with the latest massive fish death in the immediate area this will also have further economic  downturns as fisheries are a huge contributor to the economic foundations of this Port City.

Tianjin is the 12 largest port in the world where this happened and it’s also home to approximately five or six fortune 500 companies including Microsoft. These big brand names could play out for further economic downturns as well dependent on many factors.

Coincidentally but probably not related and equally interesting is the fact this happened as the China yuan dollar falls. More notably that this was the third day in a row that China devalues their dollar. This also Sparking fears of a global currency war. Read that story click here

For those of you that have not been sifting through YouTube to watch the videos here are some incredible raw footage full length videos you wont see on your local news.

This first video for you was also the first one I seen on ole reliable twitter when the story first broke. You really get a sense of the size of last and only blast this man caught on camera.  what’s impressive is the massive delayed concussion from blast after the flash of light. This may and will probably startle you if you have the sound up nice and loud. It did startle me and the gentlemen as you will see.

This next video is one of the closest to the blast I have found. Caught on camera by what sounds like an American couple from maybe 5 to 10 blocks away. Although most sources report there to have only been two blasts, you can clearly hear three distinct blasts. Including a small blast for a total of at least four.

Dash cam footage about 2 miles away. explosions two and three

This man records two blasts of which the first one knocks him to the ground and the second on breaking his windows.
As he watches fires rage from a previous explosion he cries out “Oh my God” “Oh my God” just Incredible footage.

Compilation Footage of Tianjin Chemical Warehouse Explosion

Raw aftermath footage Like something out of the terminator series of movies. Just unbelievable

This last one is incredible

Here is the latest on the massive fish die off



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